Spacecraft educational simulator. What is it for?

Symulator statku kosmicznego

Flint Systems simulators can be divided into two parts based on their purpose. These are training and educational simulators. Educational simulators differ slightly from typical training simulators, primarily because they are not designed to improve specific professional skills. Let’s illustrate this using the example of an educational spacecraft simulator. Flint Systems, in collaboration with SLASE, […]

In-Depth about the Metaverse, or ‘Beyond the Hype,’ authored by PwC

HTC goggles VR

A substantive article by PwC on the metaverse titled “Beyond the hype: what businesses can really expect from the metaverse in 2023” provides a deeper understanding of the metaverse’s development, the digital ecosystem encompassing VR and AR. PwC analyzes trends and forecasts, aiming to separate real possibilities and challenges from exaggerated expectations and hype surrounding […]

Overcoming cybersickness. The evolution of VR equipment

VR cybersickness Flint Systems

Virtual Reality (VR) technology has revolutionized the way we interact with digital worlds, providing immersive and lifelike experiences. However, one significant hurdle that early VR adopters faced was the dreaded cybersickness – a form of motion sickness induced by wearing VR goggles. Fortunately, with advancements in technology, this issue has become a thing of the […]

Reachstacker VR training simulator. How can it save your money?

Reachstacker training simulator

Simulation training is known for increasing the safety of the training process and boosting its effectiveness. However, in times of inflation, war, and economic uncertainty it is worth mentioning one more factor, speaking in favor of VR training simulators. They can significantly reduce the costs of training. Find more information in our article. At the […]

Employees training in the offshore sector. VR comes to the rescue

Training in the offshore sector

Oil rigs, sea wind turbines, offshore gas pipelines – they certainly mean a dangerous work environment and a need for safe and thorough employee training. It has always been a challenge for this industry. Nowadays this industry is facing an increasing demand for it since investments in offshore installations are constantly growing. To meet the […]

Forklift training simulator. Application & first steps

Forklift training simulator Flint Systems

When the forklift training simulator is already assembled (you can find more information about assembling it in our previous article), we can finally start the training. Imagine a trainee sitting on a platform, and an instructor in front of a computer. Let’s now check how the training application works. The training application is made by […]

Forklift training simulator from Flint Systems – 8 steps to assemble it

We receive many inquiries regarding hardware for our forklift training simulator. What exact elements does the simulator consist of? How to assemble it properly? Can I do it on my own? These are just examples of the most common questions. This is why we decided to publish this guide – you will learn how to […]

Tower crane simulator. Meet the benefits of VR training

tower crane simulator

The global construction sector absorbs millions of people to work every year. A high percentage of them are employed as machines operators, precisely, tower crane operators. This one of the most common machines that is present on every bigger construction site is at the same time the most difficult to operate. But how to train […]

Training simulators for ports. Why VR?

Training simulators for ports Reachstacker

The market of port equipment simulators is dominated by screen simulators. They have been serving in the training centers for years. But years have come by and the development of immersive technologies brought completely new opportunities for training professionals and training simulators for ports. Just think of how cars changed over the previous 20 years […]

Forklift simulator in VR. New quality on the market training

Forklift VR training simulator

Trained professionals are one of the biggest assets for companies. This is why Flint Systems provides an efficient, easy to use, safe, and trend-setting tool, aimed at re-shaping the face of nowadays forklift operators’ training. Find out what are the advantages of forklift VR training simulator. Let’s begin!   Logistics is a common denominator in the […]