Simulation hardware

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Simulators consist of two parts– software and hardware.
We take care of both of them.

We have several versions of ready-made platforms that can be integrated with the training application of any machine. What is most important, almost every each of them may be a motion platform of almost every machine. However, the difference is in the details – the more features a platform has, the better the experience will be.

Flint Systems simulators
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Hardware plaftorm elements

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Simulation platform gives immersive experience to a user. A trainee can learn using real industrial manipulators while actuators provide a feeling of a real machinery movement and vibrations.

Perun Ambition

Combines a great realism provided by 4 actuators (3DOF) with futuristic lightweight cabin making the perfect product in terms of calibration accuracy and overall ergonomic.


Perun Experience is a fully featured version of a simulation platform. Included are 4 of the latest electric actuators (3DOF) that contribute to the most immersive experience on the market.

Perun Lite

Perun Lite is more economic version of our simulation platform. It is based on 2 actuators and a Cardan joint. Platform is capable to simulate many types machinery with its 2 DOF (deegrees of freedom).

PERUN compact

It is a basic version of our simulation platform, made for customers looking for an all-in-one solution that doesn’t take much space and provides mobility.

Perun PoCKET

The most compact version of our VR station, dedicated for our customers looking for high mobility, easy configuration and high cost-effectiveness.


Perun Lite D (Drive) is a simulation platform with steering wheel and pedas module. Adjustable / removable steering wheel module allow to simulate many types of vehicles and cranes.