Tower crane simulator. Meet the benefits of VR training

Tower crane simulator. Meet the benefits of VR training

The global construction sector absorbs millions of people to work every year. A high percentage of them are employed as machines operators, precisely, tower crane operators. This one of the most common machines that is present on every bigger construction site is at the same time the most difficult to operate. But how to train tower crane operators effectively and safely in one go? Tower crane simulator from Flint Systems is the best possible answer.  

Previously, we wrote about VR training for ports and warehousing. But VR training simulators are applicable also to the construction sector. Read more about it now!  

tower crane training simulator

Tower crane training simulator in VR  

The tower crane simulator from Flint Systems consists of two parts – software and hardware.  

The hardware part (in other words the “visible” part of the simulator) consists of a motion platform, seat, VR goggles, and joysticks.  

The other part of the simulator is software. Our tower crane application contains a VR twin of a tower crane, and has all the same physics of the real crane. We can simulate working at any time of day and weather conditions. We can also design a custom construction site for training.  

The two parts, software and hardware provide a fully immersive experience.

Tower crane simulator functionalities  

What exactly can a tower crane simulator do? It encompasses several functionalities, making it one of the most efficient training tools available on the market.  

First, you can adjust crane height and arm length. We have several options of handling loads exercises, e.g. formwork, pear with concrete, pouring concrete, steel bundles, containers, and pallets with bricks.  

To start the training, you need to go through the starting procedure. Then you can start accuracy exercises, working in a collision with a second crane, or exercise with a signaler (manual signals).  

You can also go through an obstacle course with a load and train how to leave the crane in a free mode due to heavy wind.  

Tower crane VR simulator

Tower crane simulator – is it already working?  

Tower crane simulator from Flint Systems was delivered to Maukran, one of the leading Polish crane rental company in September 2021. The simulator is  operated by New Competencies Center at the Port of Gdańsk.  

Thanks to the VR training simulator of a tower crane, Maukran efficiently and safely trains tower crane operators. The training costs are much reduced, because there is no need of spending so much time on real equipment.   

tower crane simulator screen

The benefits of VR tower crane simulator for the construction industry  

Safety – the VR training is safe for people and equipment. The simulator is located in a training room, so no dangerous accidents can occur during the process of training 

Cost reduction – there’s no need of renting a tower crane or take it out of real operations for training purposes 

Training the unexpected – our application is packed with different dangerous scenarios lessons – e.g. working with physical obstacles, in collision with another crane, working with a signaler, or heavy loads lifting 

Effectiveness – this type of training is highly effective, due to the direct impact on motor memory