Forklift simulator in VR. New quality on the market training

Forklift simulator in VR. New quality on the market training

Trained professionals are one of the biggest assets for companies. This is why Flint Systems provides an efficient, easy to use, safe, and trend-setting tool, aimed at re-shaping the face of nowadays forklift operators training. Find out what are the advantages of forklift VR training simulator. Let’s begin!  

Logistics is a common denominator in the world economy. Supply chains need trained people who are able to ensure the continuity of processes quickly and safely. Therefore, after developing a reachstacker in VR (up and running at the Port of Gdańsk since 2019), it’s time for a forklift training simulator. 

Forklift VR training simulator  

Forklift VR training simulator consists of two parts – hardware and software.  

Hardware comprises:

  • Motion platform
  • Seat
  • Steering wheel and pedals
  • Joysticks
  • Gearbox
  • VR goggles
  • PC

simulator trainee

We take care of all hardware elements, making them fully integrated with software and each other. The origin of the hardware is threefold – we buy some parts such as PC, goggles, or a steering wheel, order parts manufactured especially for us (steel & aluminum elements), and 3D print the rest, custom elements on our own.   

VR forklift application 

Besides the hardware part, the simulator consists of software. It is an application created by our engineers, programmers and 3D graphics. Forklift in VR is an exact replica of one of the models available on the market. Our simulator accurately reproduces all the physical features of the real model. Goggles, motion platform and software provide a fully immersive environment, and the trainee can easily dive into it.   

What does the training look like?  

The training is not complicated, and what’s even more important – it’s completely safe.  

The trainee needs just to sit comfortably, put on the goggles and wait for instructor’s commands. The instructor can choose between two options – make use of the ready-made scenarios or built his/her own, using a simple drag & drop creator.  

After selecting the application settings, the trainee is taken to a virtual forklift. Now, the student can take a ride, with the help of the instructor who sees on the monitor exactly what the student sees in goggles. 

Wanna see what the training looks like? Watch the video!  

The advantages of VR simulation training

This kind of VR simulation training has a lot of advantages. Among the most important are:

  • Safety – the VR training is safe for people and equipment. The simulator is located in a training room, so no dangerous accidents can occur during the process of training
  • Cost reduction – there’s no need of renting a forklift or take it out of real operations for training purposes
  • Training the unexpected – our application is packed with different dangerous scenarios lessons – e.g. work with physical obstacles, pedestrians crossing the driving track, or heavy loads lifting
  • Effectiveness – this type of training is highly effective, due to the direct impact on motor memory

Forklift in VR – who is using it?  

Forklift VR training simulator is already up and running. Our first client is the Office for Technical Inspection (UDT), a Polish governmental institution that issues licenses to drive heavy machinery and carries out technical inspections. UDT has purchased the simulator to more effectively train forklift examiners and instructors. The simulator has been delivered to UDT in January 2022.   

What other VR simulators are available?  

Flint Systems has already launched a series of simulators dedicated to the port, logistics, construction and offshore sector.  

  • Forklift  
  • CTV boat 
  • Tower crane 
  • Rubber-tire gantry crane (RTG)   
  • Ship to shore crane (STS) 
  • Port crane 
  • Mobile crane 
  • Reach stacker 

These simulators can be ordered “off the shelf” and the time of delivery is very short – up to three months. We can also design a simulator of a completely new machine, dedicated to the client’s needs.