Become a partner


We highly encourage all interested companies to send applications to Flint Systems Partners Network.
We will analyze them thoroughly and contact you after submitting your application.

models of collaboration

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Reseller is a certified distributor of our solutions; all tech aspects (including implementation) are on a reseller’s side.

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Tech partner

Tech partner is responsible for distributing our products and solutions, but also for implementing them on the customer side and taking care of technical maintenance.

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Strategic partner

Strategic partner covers the most complex partnership in the target market. It includes all previous levels of a partnership but in addition, supports resellers, is allowed to create a showroom with Flint Systems’ simulators with huge discounts, and receives all leads which we get directly from the market covered.


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Our base price includes the partner’s commission [%]. We base it on SRP and its final price because we want to provide the same conditions to customers around the world. We grant some discounts, but they are managed on a central level.

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