Forklift VR training simulator delivered

Forklift VR training simulator delivered

Forklift simulator will serve for training purposes at one of UDT’s facility in Poznań. It can be, however, easily transported to other locations.

UDT purchased the simulator to improve the qualifications of trainers and examiners who conduct forklift driving examinations.

“Our simulators not only revolutionize the simulator market using VR technology, but above all, they facilitate access to training for operators of this type of machines and vehicles, guaranteeing realistic experiences while maintaining full safety. Our simulator is without any doubts the most advanced forklift simulator on the market. Flint Systems has created the best training tool for future forklift operators, allowing them to train safely in virtual world. This product follows the series of simulators that we delivered to the port and construction sectors,” Leszek Tarnawski, President of the Board at Flint Systems, said.    

Forklift VR training simulator from Flint Systems reflects all the functionalities of a real forklift. Watch the video and see how the training looks like!


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