Flint Systems is a finalist for the 6th International VR Awards

Flint Systems VR Awards

Proud to inform that Flint Systems is confirmed as a finalist for the 6th International VR Awards for the Forklift VR training simulator! The Award will go to companies or individuals who have demonstrated practical and innovative uses of VR in education and training. Flint Systems is nominated in the category of VR Education and Training […]

We made a noise! Space ship simulator in the press


We observed a great interest of local media in our space ship simulator which is currently under construction. The simulator is created together with SLASE and will be delivered to the University of Wrocław at the end of the year. The space ship simulator turned out to be a great topic for the local media. […]

Flint Systems to deliver CTV training simulator

CTV vessel

According to the agreement signed with LKK/CNK, Flint Systems will deliver Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV) VR simulator to LKK’s facility, where it will serve training purposes. The simulator will be operational in December 2022. The project includes creating a software application of a CTV integrated with an already existing hardware platform. The simulator will be […]

Flint Systems to construct a space ship simulator

space ship

Flint Systems, together with SLASE will deliver a space ship simulator to the University of Wrocław.   The simulator will serve as educational tool in one of the university’s facility in Białków. It will make it possible to fly a spaceship through the solar system. The estimated time of simulation will take 10 minutes, and will […]

Flint Systems at Transport Week 2022!

Flint Systems at Transport Week 2022

We have the pleasure to present our solutions at one of the biggest conferences dedicated to transport and logistics issues in the Baltic Sea region – Transport Week 2022. This year’s edition takes place in Gdynia. The event highlights especially war & geopolitics, maritime transport, AI in logistics, fossil fuels and energy transitions, as well […]

Forklift training simulator. Application & first steps

Forklift training simulator Flint Systems

When the forklift training simulator is already assembled (you can find more information about assembling it in our previous article), we can finally start the training. Imagine a trainee sitting on a platform, and an instructor in front of a computer. Let’s now check how the training application works. The training application is made by […]

Flint Systems & crane operators’ safety 

Flint Systems symulator żurawia wieżowego

Flint Systems invites all interested companies and individuals to a conference on public risks in construction works, which will take place on May 17, 2022 at the Auditorium Novum of the Bydgoszcz University of Technology.  The conference is organized by the Chief Labour Inspectorate.  During the conference, all participants will be able to test a […]

Forklift training simulator from Flint Systems – 8 steps to assemble it

We receive many inquiries regarding hardware for our forklift training simulator. What exact elements does the simulator consist of? How to assemble it properly? Can I do it on my own? These are just examples of the most common questions. This is why we decided to publish this guide – you will learn how to […]

Tower crane simulator. Meet the benefits of VR training

tower crane simulator

The global construction sector absorbs millions of people to work every year. A high percentage of them are employed as machines operators, precisely, tower crane operators. This one of the most common machines that is present on every bigger construction site is at the same time the most difficult to operate. But how to train […]

Forkflit VR simulator in the press

Forklift VR media

The delivery of forklift VR training simulator to the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) met with great interest of Polish industry media. The articles on our latest delivery were published by:  Logistyka.net.pl  Logistyczny.com Gospodarka Morska Portal TSL