VR training for power industry


There is no need to convince anyone that working in the power industry carries a lot of risk. One mistake can cost health and even human life. High voltage does not grant a reduced tariff for untrained workers. That is why VR simulators come to the rescue.

Virtual reality simulators can offer a lot to companies working in the power industry sector. Their biggest advantages are:

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VR simulators allow the trainees to practice their skills safely, they can learn how to avoid mistakes with no harm to their health.

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Reality of training

We can make any kind of training in VR and reflect every machinery. The trainee has all the degrees of freedom, exactly as in real life. We can add even such things as additional smell, that would be released when electrical short circuit should be simulated.

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Convenient time

The simulator is available 24/7, and it lowers the costs of training almost by half.

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High effectiveness

VR simulators increase the ability to focus and they train motor memory. VR is an attractive medium, and VR courses are extremely well-received on the market.

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