VR training for ports


Port industry can benefit a lot using VR simulators for equipment operators’ training. We can provide you with any kinds of equipment that you need. Our goal is to build the same machine that your employees use at port. The only difference is that we construct it in virtual reality. To achieve this goal we closely cooperate with port equipment manufacturers.

Virtual reality simulators can bring a lot to the port companies. Their biggest advantages are:

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One hour spent on a VR simulator costs much less than on real crane. Remember that a simulator is not a computer game, it is a real machine located in a virtual world. This is why a training on a simulator is so effective – a trainee who will finally get into real machine will feel safe and comfortable. The difference in costs between training on a real equipment vs. VR simulator training is huge – a simulator will let you save up to 40% per hour only within the first year (later the percentage will go higher).

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Easy to carry out

It does not cost you any problems with logistics, additional planning or change of plans, which very often happens during a training on real equipment.

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A person who has not been operating on a complex machine so far may be a source of danger to themself and others. Therefore, it is much safer to use VR simulators for training – a trainee operates on the machine, but can’t do any harm.

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A VR simulator is a dedicated training tool, therefore, a trainee can repeat whatever they want to master their skills. And as we stressed before, the simulator has exactly the same functionalities as real cranes. What’s learned on a simulator, stays for the real equipment.

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Train the unexpected

The trainees can learn how to deal with rare and unique situations that can happen during a real work, for instance breaking the rope. Thanks to VR simulators, new employees will know what to do in such circumstances.

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Data gathering

Another advantage of a VR simulator for the port industry is that it provides you with a lot of data regarding the training itself. The instructor will know the performance of the trainee. This powerful tool, including heatmaps will show the areas of the training that still need to be polished.

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No operation breaks

In contrary to training on real equipment, a simulator will not involve any interruptions in operations. You know that ports are very complex and sensitive work environment. If one puzzle is missing, a big part of a port can be out of operations for many hours. In contrary, a VR simulator will not cause any delays, damages, and will not require costly repairs.

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Nowadays ports need to take care about emissions, and a VR simulator is something that will help you achieve this. They leave simply no emissions behind!

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