vr training for the offshore sector


The offshore sector relies on qualified employees. Be it a wind turbine, oil rig, or construction of sea gas pipeline. In this branch of human activities an error can cost a lot. Rough waves, heavy wind, lack of solid land, limited ability to receive help in case of emergency - these are the main risk factors. This This is why trained employees are very important in this job.

The value of training on a VR simulator, which is able to reflect reality to a great extent, cannot be overestimated. The biggest advantages of an offshore VR training are:

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Real training in virtual reality

We can create a working environment for every machine. VR simulators cover all kinds of complexities and other features typically encountered in everyday operations.

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Learning how to face danger

We can create any kinds of dangerous situations, for instance machine fault, accident, storm, simulating work at high altitude. The invention here is unlimited.

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Efficient training

We can train machine operators before the manufacturer delivers the equipment. This way we will save time and money.

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Safety for humans and machinery

While a complicated training on sea means potential threat to people and costly equipment, VR simulators are totally safe. No such thing as life danger exists; they can try to break the virtual hardware as much as they want.

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Ideal as HR strainer

The VR simulator is a great tool for beginners to check whether the work they applied is really the one they want to do. A virtual reality simulator gives the taste of real work.

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Low costs

The VR simulators are cheap, its price is lower than the old-type screen simulators. They can work 24/7.

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