Virtual Prototyping


Virtual prototyping is an outstanding tool for checking the product before the official kick-off.
Flint Systems can prepare a visualization consisting of a model behaving exactly like the real machine. 

The benefits that virtual prototyping brings include:

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Testing opportunities

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Optimization of the real machine
thanks to the tests conducted on a virtual model

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Training purposes before launching the real product

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Savings - no money is wasted on building a hardware prototype
before making sure it works correctly

All these benefits contribute to one major advantage – virtual prototyping allows to create reliable and refined products faster.

Creating a product with the use of a virtual prototype comprises only four phases:

On the contrary, a regular, old-type product creation process is very costly in terms of time and money. The scheme of creating a product is longer and comprises seven steps:

The advantage of virtual prototyping is clear – so ask how we can help with your prototyping process! Contact us today!

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