RTG Demo Calibration

Initial calibration procedure

Calibration procedure needs to be performed before first use of application and each time simulator is moved to new location. Also in rare occassions of Steam VR updates, setting up new goggles etc.

Generally whenever position of an operator inside machine is not correct – this procedure will setup user avatar where it needs to be.

  1. Steam VR application window should display on screen after PC is restarted. If not – start it.
  2. Put the VR goggles on your head and seat straight looking forward
  3. Make sure your goggles can see the base stations. This is only possible when there are no physical obstacles between the goggles and the base stations. The headset and base station icons should be blue in the Steam VR window.
  4. From the Steam VR click on hamburger menu
  5. Select the Room Preparation option in the Steam VR drop-down menu.
  6. During Room preparation procedure select the Standing only option.
  7. After the Goggles are ready message appears, select Calibrate the center and Next.
  8. In the Floor position section of calibration set floor distance to 100 cm and click Next.
  9. A Preparation complete message should be displayed.

Calibrating user avatar position during simulation

Although the full calibration is necessary when seting up simulator there is also an option to set user position inside simulation.

  • Press F1 to move position up
  • Press F2 to move position down
  • Full calibration – put goggles on your head and seat straight looking forward. Press F12

Resetting gogles

In some occasions Steam VR can fail to setup goggles properly. Try resseting goggles when this happens to correct this:

  1. From the Steam VR click on hamburger menu
  2. Select the Devices option and then click on Restart the headset.