Pushback – Safety Rules

  1. The motion platform is a device whose movements can be very sudden and fast, so please use common sense. When using electrical and mechanical equipment, basic safety precautions should always be followed.
  2. The simulator is an electrical device, therefore, when operating it, general safety rules for using an electrical device must be followed.
  3. Before connecting the simulator to the network and before starting the training, visually check whether all electrical cables are undamaged.
  4. The simulator may only be repaired by the manufacturer or an authorized service center, otherwise the simulator will lose the warranty provided by the manufacturer.
  5. The simulator is classified as class I according to the type of danger against electric shock, so it should be connected to an electric power supply network with a grounding pin.
  6. It is prohibited to pour water, cleaning products or other detergents on the simulator for cleaning purposes.
  7. Cleaning the simulator should be done with a soft cloth.