Pushback – It Is Prohibited to

  1. Store materials and waste at the workplace in quantities larger than those resulting from technological needs, enabling continuity of work on a given shift.
  2. Repair, clean and lubricate the simulator while it is in operation.
  3. Leave the simulator unattended while operating.
  4. Restart a damaged simulator without repairing the damage.
  5. Remove covers and protection from the simulator during operation.
  6. Operate the simulator without appropriate authorizations and training.
  7. Allow unauthorized persons to operate it.
  8. Manually move and carry loads exceeding established standards.
  9. Do not use the simulator if any of its components, especially the electrical plug, are damaged or missing.
  10. Do not use the simulator if it emits smoke, unusual odors or sounds.
  11. Do not place the simulator near heat sources, in areas with high humidity, or near tanks with water or other liquids.
  12. Do not use the simulator outside closed rooms.
  13. Do not use the simulator at temperatures below +5˚C or above +45˚C.
  14. Do not cover the ventilation holes – this may damage the simulator.
  15. Do not open the casings of any components when the power is on.
  16. Do not touch the internal components while the simulator is running – there is a risk of electric shock or burns.