Pushback – Assembly and Dismantling of the Simulator

  1. Platform assembly
  1. 1. Install the actuator 1

1.2. Install the actuator 2

1.3. Raise the platform floor and attach the front joint screwed in with an M20 screw

1.4. Install stands for the actuators

2. Assembly of the main part of the simulator

2.1. Installation of side panel mounting strips

2.2. Installation of side panels

2.3. Installation of a C-section on the back of the side panels

2.4. Seat assembly

2.5. Installing the seat on the motion platform

2.6. Installation of side panel covers (dummy head, emergency button and hydraulic monoblock)

3. Steering wheel

Screw the steering wheel

  1. Goggles and computer

4.1. Connecting goggles and computer
4.2. Connecting the remaining electronics
4.3. Setting up a station for the instructor