Constructions equals a lot of machines plus many people serving it. By machines we mean not only excavators or forklifts, there are plenty of equipment that need specialized service. For instance fixed cranes, wheel trenchers, asphalt pavers, off-highway trucks, and a lot more. But how to train their drivers and operators? The best way to do it are VR simulators.

Virtual reality simulators can bring a lot to construction sector.
Their biggest advantages are:

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Low costs

The VR simulator is cheap while compared to traditional methods of training where the machines need to be out of service and are dedicated especially to the training of new employees.

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Real training in virtual reality

We can create a working environment for every machine. VR simulators cover all kinds of complexities and other features typically encountered in everyday operations.

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Learn how to face danger

We can create any kinds of dangerous situations, for instance flat tyre, breaking the rope, etc. The invention here is unlimited.

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VR simulators gather all kinds of data from the trainings

They are especially important for the instruction who will now know what areas are still to be polished.

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VR simulators allow the trainees to practice their skills safely, they can learn how to avoid mistakes with no harm to their health.

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