Flint Systems is developing a pushback vehicle VR simulator

Pushback simulator Flint Systems

Flint Systems started works on a VR simulator of a pushback vehicle, used to tow aircraft on the airport apron. The simulator was ordered by Welcome Airport Services Sp. z o.o., one of the leaders in the handling industry in Poland. The pushback vehicle simulator will be handed over to the customer by November this […]

Flint Systems is developing a VR welding simulator for PSSE

VR welding simulator

Under the agreement signed on March 10th between Flint Systems and the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone (PSSE), Flint Systems will provide PSSE with a welding simulator that combines virtual reality technology with real welding elements. The welding simulator will be delivered within a year of the signing of the agreement and will include eight welding […]

Spacecraft simulator delivered

Symulator statku kosmicznego

The educational spacecraft simulator ordered by the University of Wroclaw has been officially delivered. The order included the delivery of four simulation stations along with installation to the astronomical observatory in Białków. The simulators use VR technology, and the simulation scenario involves a fifteen-minute journey through the solar system on a spacecraft, during which we […]

Flint Systems and Maritime University of Szczecin sign LoI

Flint Systems Politechnika Morska Szczecin

Flint Systems, a leader in providing modern training tools based on virtual reality, has signed a letter of intent with the Maritime University of Szczecin starting a partnership aimed at driving technological innovation and development in maritime education.  The letter of intent, signed on February 2, 2023, represents a significant step forward in the efforts […]

CTV simulator delivered to the client

Flint Systems CTV simulator

Flint Systems has just delivered another VR simulator to one of its regular customers – New Competence Center (CNK).  On January 31, 2023, the New Competence Center in Gdynia hosted the inauguration and christening of the new crew transfer vessel (CTV) simulator. The project was commissioned by CNK in July last year. The solution was […]

Flint Systems in TVP3 Gdańsk

Flint Systems TVP3

Flint Systems was recognized by the Polish local branch of the national television as one of example of economic success of the region in 2022. We were featured in a part of the Economic Program, hosted by Piotr Stefanowski. Grzegorz Szatkowski, our vice president of the board speaks in the recording. https://flint.systems/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/TVP-3-Program-Gospodarczy.mp4 Copy and paste […]

Interview with Leszek Tarnawski

Perun Lite Drive Flint Systems

Leszek Tarnawski, Flint Systems president of the board, gave an interview to Logistyka, a magazine published by Sieć Badawcza Łukasiewicz. In the interview Leszek talks about VR and its use in machine operators’ training.  Click on the photo below and read the interview in Polish!

Flint Systems at e-Technologie w Kształceniu Inżynierów

flint systems simulator

It is the eight edition of the event, organized by the Gdańsk University of Technology and the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków. This year’s conference was filled with topics such as VR and AR in education and a machine laboratory in a VR environment. During the event, we had the opportunity to […]

Flint Systems at Baltic Ports Conference 2022

Baltic Ports Conference 2022

Organized by Baltic Ports Organization, an annual conference is a premiere event for a series of insightful presentations and discussions on the main topics shaping the current and future landscape of the maritime industry. This year’s event was packed up with several topics vital for the Baltic ports – geopolitics, turnover results, sustainability and green […]

Flint Systems is a finalist for the 6th International VR Awards

Flint Systems VR Awards

Proud to inform that Flint Systems is confirmed as a finalist for the 6th International VR Awards for the Forklift VR training simulator! The Award will go to companies or individuals who have demonstrated practical and innovative uses of VR in education and training. Flint Systems is nominated in the category of VR Education and Training […]