VR training simulators increasing the safety of training

VR training simulators safety

VR training simulators from Flint Systems have many advantages. They are fully immersive, and allow you to feel all the moves of the machine thanks to the motion platform. They are also a very efficient mean of training and at the same they reduce training costs, because there is no need for renting real machines. […]

The advantages of VR training simulators. Webinar

Webinar Studio Izba

Virtual reality (VR) brings a lot of opportunities for the business. Training of soft and hard skills can be more engaging, effective, and at the same entertaining. “One of the particular types of VR training is VR training simulators, which we offer to the market,” Leszek Tarnawski, Flint Systems CEO said during a webinar organized […]

VR training simulators. The new way of operators’ training

VR training simulator

Virtual reality has entered the market of training not so long ago but has already proven its value. One of the most common types of VR training is soft skills training based on simple VR goggles. But although a VR headset is a great tool for soft skills training, training hard skills is more demanding. […]

How VR training simulators can save your money?

Running a business means juggling a lot of things at the same time – one of them being balancing the incomes and expenses. Meet something that will help you do it in the area of employee training – ladies and gentlemen – a VR training simulator. The third decade of the 21st century brings more […]