Spacecraft simulator delivered

Spacecraft simulator delivered

The educational spacecraft simulator ordered by the University of Wroclaw has been officially delivered.

The order included the delivery of four simulation stations along with installation to the astronomical observatory in Białków. The simulators use VR technology, and the simulation scenario involves a fifteen-minute journey through the solar system on a spacecraft, during which we explore and learn about planets and moons.

Flint Systems executed the project in a consortium with SLASE. As part of the division of work between the consortium members, Flint Systems designed and delivered the hardware, i.e., motion platforms with the necessary equipment, while SLASE prepared the presentation/film adapted for display in VR.

Symulator statku kosmicznego

The journey through the solar system will soon be available to visitors, especially school children.

“We are pleased to have completed another project. It was somewhat different from our previous simulators because, for obvious reasons, it does not train spacecraft pilots. This time, we had the task of developing an educational simulator that would convey knowledge about the solar system to primary and secondary school students in an accessible and modern way. The project turned out so well that it will undoubtedly be a big attraction not only for young people but also for adults,” said Grzegorz Szatkowski, Vice President of Flint Systems’ board.

Symulator pojazdu kosmicznego