Flint Systems is developing a VR welding simulator for PSSE

Flint Systems is developing a VR welding simulator for PSSE

Under the agreement signed on March 10th between Flint Systems and the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone (PSSE), Flint Systems will provide PSSE with a welding simulator that combines virtual reality technology with real welding elements.

The welding simulator will be delivered within a year of the signing of the agreement and will include eight welding stations for training purposes.

As part of the order, Flint Systems will provide both software and hardware, including the physical components needed for simulation training.

The simulator will allow for welding of black steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. The types of materials that will be welded include flat bars, pipes, T-joints, and plates. Welding candidates will be able to learn in four welding methods – GMAW (MIG/MAG), SMAW (MMA), GTAW (TIG), and FCAW – in five positions – flat, horizontal, vertical, overhead, and inclined.


VR welding simulator from Flint Systems

In addition, the simulator will incorporate groove, fillet, and butt welds, and will be able to connect different types of welds. It will be possible to choose the appropriate WPS setting and set welding parameters, including at least:

  • Welding current with consideration of current intensity and polarity,
  • Gas mixture composition,
  • Gas flow rate,
  • Current, voltage,
  • Wire feed speed,
  • Selection of welding material (material-filler type),
  • Selection of electrode type, electrode diameter,
  • Thickness of the welded material and several selected welding phases.

Furthermore, the training scenery will be customizable – it can be set in a hall, a shipyard, or on a ship’s interior.

“Currently, there are various welding simulators available on the market, but there is none that combines so many physical elements with virtual reality. Our simulator will include elements such as a helmet, haptic gloves, and a welding handle. The training will be very realistic, and the trainee will feel, for example, the heat or the break of the arc. After delivering the simulator to the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone, we plan to continue offering our product to clients. The particularly valuable information is that it will be offered by us at really affordable and competitive prices,” said Grzegorz Szatkowski, vice president of the board at Flint Systems.

VR welding simulator