CTV simulator delivered to the client

CTV simulator delivered to the client

Flint Systems has just delivered another VR simulator to one of its regular customers – New Competence Center (CNK). 

On January 31, 2023, the New Competence Center in Gdynia hosted the inauguration and christening of the new crew transfer vessel (CTV) simulator. The project was commissioned by CNK in July last year. The solution was designed based on the hardware that was delivered in one of the previous orders and has now been extended with appropriate elements such as control levers. Thanks to the combination with the appropriate software using VR, we get the impression of controlling a real unit both visually and, above all, physically. 

The simulator is a response to the growing demand for training CTV captains, both in Poland in terms of newly built wind farms in the Baltic Sea and around the world. The training includes several scenarios, including leaving the port or safely mooring and delivering the crew to the wind turbine. Training can be carried out by creating different atmospheric conditions at sea related to weather, wind strength, wave size or time of day. 

“First of all, we would like to thank our client CNK/LKK for trusting us and entrusting us with building another simulator. Thanks to companies that are so open to innovation, we can jointly create modern solutions and change training methods for the benefit of all stakeholders. The simulator that we delivered to the CNK reflects the reality of working at sea in a very real way. In creating this solution, we were helped by, among others, several captains of CTV units from Poland and all over Europe. Thanks to this, we faithfully reproduced not only the CTV unit itself, but we were also able to design the Baltic waves. The combination of modern VR technology and the experience and commitment of all team members made the simulator we built not only the most modern, safest and most effective CTV simulator, but also the only VR simulator of the CTV unit in the world. The future is today,” said Leszek Tarnawski, president of the board at Flint Systems. 

CTV simulator from Flint Systems
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