Flint Systems to deliver CTV training simulator

Flint Systems to deliver CTV training simulator

According to the agreement signed with LKK/CNK, Flint Systems will deliver Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV) VR simulator to LKK’s facility, where it will serve training purposes. The simulator will be operational in December 2022.

The project includes creating a software application of a CTV integrated with an already existing hardware platform.

The simulator will be based on a realistic simulation in accordance with the physical parameters of the ship’s behavior and the environment in which it will operate, i.e. the influence of waves, water currents, wind and other weather conditions.

Therefore, Flint Systems will provide a complete system not only to reflect the described conditions, but also to modify them in terms of training. We will reflect, among others influence of external factors on the CTV boat and we will use an extensive weather setting system (wind, sea currents, waves, time of day, rainfall, fog).

The simulator will be used for training purposes because of the growing demand for qualified staff needed to operate Polish wind farms.

“LKK/CNK is our regular client. Together we now work on the third project. We are happy with intense and fruitful cooperation and hope for other projects in the future,” Grzegorz Szatkowski, vice president of the board at Flint Systems, said.

Grzegorz Szatkowski Tomasz Lisiecki