VR training simulators increasing the safety of training

VR training simulators increasing the safety of training

VR training simulators from Flint Systems have many advantages. They are fully immersive, and allow you to feel all the moves of the machine thanks to the motion platform. They are also a very efficient mean of training and at the same they reduce training costs, because there is no need for renting real machines. But in this article we would like to focus on one particular advantage valued by our Clients. Check how VR training simulators can increase the safety of your training.

VR training simulator is the safest training tool available. A trainee is just sitting with goggles on, with hands on joysticks (or a steering wheel). Now compare this with a 30 meters tall ship to shore crane, located in the port area, or a tower crane operated by a freshman.

VR training simulators are safe for people

First of all, they are safe for the trainees. The training takes place on a VR twin, located in a virtual port/construction site/ warehouse or any other place you can think of. The trainee sits safely in the simulator, and at the same time is inside the virtual training environment.  

Secondly, there is no risk for potential bystanders, when the simulator is in use during the process of training instead of the real machine. Imagine a tower crane operating on a crowded construction area – many people that can potentially get hurt, when an inexperienced person ‘sits behind the wheel’. 

Safety for equipment 

Human life is the most precious, but we must not forget about the potential equipment damage caused by an inexperienced, trainee-operator. The data gathered so far by our Clients show that people who train in VR are doing much better during their first time on real machine. A newcomer who practiced in VR already knows the machine and is not a risk for the equipment. We can’t forget, that our simulators train motor memory, just like the real equipment does. 

No downtimes & no costly compensations

An accident can happen very quickly, but its impact will last in a long term. Besides injuries or fatalities, an accident definitely means operation breaks, inquiries, investigations, and potential penalties and compensations. These costs are huge, but we can minimalize them by investing in effective VR training. 

Life-threatening scenarios

VR training simulator is a unique tool, where you can train life-threatening scenarios with no risks for the people or equipment. A trainee, located in virtual reality is 100% safe, but at the same time they are inside the machine so they can experience everything that can happen in real life. This is ensured by a motion platform that reflects all moves of the machine. 

Take, for instance dropping a load or breaking the rope. There is no chance to prepare for such an accident in reality with no harm to people and equipment. But in VR, you can undergo such exercises thousands of times, at the same time developing your motor memory. Such experience is invaluable in avoiding real accidents, and can save many human lives. 

Improving already-known skills

VR training simulator is not only for newcomers. It can efficiently train experienced operators, especially in going through life-threatening situations. Dropping a load, practicing with a crane signaller, breaking the rope, practicing in heavy wind – these are just few examples of a ‘polishing’ VR training.

VR training simulators increase safety because:

1. They train operators safely

2. No harm to people and equipment involved

3. A trainee can practice life-threatening scenarios

4. The training is more efficient compared to the one conducted on old type, screen simulators

5. They can serve as complementary training for experienced operators

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