The advantages of VR training simulators. Webinar

The advantages of VR training simulators. Webinar

Virtual reality (VR) brings a lot of opportunities for the business. Training of soft and hard skills can be more engaging, effective, and at the same entertaining. “One of the particular types of VR training is VR training simulators, which we offer to the market,” Leszek Tarnawski, Flint Systems CEO said during a webinar organized by Studio Izba (Regional Pomeranian Chamber of Commerce).  

The opportunities offered by virtual reality are already seen by the market and therefore Regional Pomeranian Chamber of Commerce organized an online event, where the Board of Flint Systems – Leszek Tarnawski and Grzegorz Szatkowski could elaborate on the opportunities that VR offers. The webinar was conducted by Marcin Głuszek. Let’s read the brief summary of what they were talking about! 

The advantages of VR training   

VR training offers better memorization and develops motor memory. It was all described in a PwC Report “The Effectiveness of Virtual Reality Soft Skills Training in the Enterprise”. The results of VR training are more than just satisfying – according to PwC, employees can be trained up to 4 times faster in VR!

VR training offers huge training opportunities. The possibilities are endless – be it a health & safety course, retooling of a production line, or a firefighting course. Another branch of VR courses is the one that is combined with hardware, e.g. motion platforms, joysticks, or steering wheels. That kind of training is offered by Flint Systems, and they are a form of hard skills education.

VR reduces the costs of the training. In fact, there are only two basic expenses – the cost of VR goggles and the cost of a training application, developed by the VR software house. In return, we get an application that can serve an infinite number of times. The same rules apply to VR training simulators.

Positive impact for the brand. Investing in VR training, besides the obvious financial and practical advantages, can help in identifying your brand as modern and forward-looking. What is more, the global VR market is growing rapidly, therefore we can expect that VR will play an increasing role in our lives in the next few years.

VR training simulators 

Virtual reality training simulator consists of two parts – software and hardware. Besides the VR app and goggles, we build them based on motion platforms and joysticks (we can, however, integrate additional elements, such as the steering wheel).

VR training simulators train heavy machines operators. Flint Systems can create any kind of VR twin and place it in any kind of virtual world. The machine will have the same functionalities as the real one.

The simulator is based on a motion platform that reflects all the moves of the virtual machine. Heavy winds, breaking the ropes, waves on the open sea, sudden braking – it all can be fully reflected and therefore a VR simulator creates one of the best, fully immersive experiences.

Video – available for Polish speakers  

This is just a little preview – we invite all Polish speakers to watch the webinar. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any kinds of questions regarding VR or VR training simulators.