Full steam ahead as Flint Systems launches

Full steam ahead as Flint Systems launches

Shortly after its official launch, Flint Systems (part of Flint Investments) has joined Baltic Sea and Space Cluster (BSSC).

BSSC gathers members mostly located in Central Europe and is aimed at transferring knowledge and organizing business, science and administration cooperation on a global and regional scale. BSSC is a member of the European Network of Maritime Clusters, United Nation Global Compact, and the European Cluster Collaboration Platform.

Thanks to the BSSC membership, Flint Systems has been granted access to new markets, and has an opportunity to promote its products among Cluster members. Flint Systems can also collaborate with other companies within the Cluster.

Membership in Baltic Sea and Space Cluster is in line with Flint System’s growth strategy. According to the strategy, Flint Systems is actively seeking for partners, organizations associations or clusters to help generate sales and find new business opportunities.

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